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So, as I was throughly documenting my next entry about Mr. Serin on this blog, something odd and unexpected happen (if you have never followed Casey’s saga, that is).

He disappeared from the Internetz. Yet again. He nuked his Flickr account, is gone, the works.

Which is kinda bogus and sad, since I was preparing a killer analysis about his on-line resume. There’s still a copy of it out there, but it somehow doesn’t feel right to post about something that disappeared so suddenly, and which nobody cares about anymore. Pretty much like Casey himself.

Still – I was very surprised to find out that Steve Serin is now the Serin Clan official blogger.


Steves (Caseys?) half-hearted attempt at humor

Here’s the interesting thing. The first posts were full of snark and brotherly love. I particularly enjoyed the dirty sock auction. It had just the right amount of sarcasm and irony. Haterz loved it; in fact, it remains the single best Serin blog entry of the year, in my humble opinion.

And then, Casey’s Reverse Midas Touch

A gay ass

A gay ass

 turned everything into Master Cleanse byproducts.

Everything was going just fine until Gayboi decided the blog wasn’t about him. And dadgummit, he couldn’t allow this to happen – so he devised the most inane, inept, stupid troll he has ever tried.

Ahem ahem…

Lemme clear my throat.

Hello community!

Yes, all you lovely peoplz here.

I will shock you first with a simple but bold request:

Which is,

May we raise money for an iPhone for Casey here?


I am not quite happy with my latest blogging methods (since IAFF).

Not getting much traction and it seems to actually slow down my progress because of the blogging overhead. I love blogging but not the work behind it.

Yet I desire to keep capturing my life in as much organic way as possible (with regard to privacy of course).

Just want to make it easier. Editing takes time and takes away from the raw / organic nature.

I understand this may create a gap where a more cooked version may be better served (aka blog, wikis, forums, etc). Anyone who would like to use the raw ingredients to make something out of it is my guest.

I would just hope when it’s all said and done my life will inspire a positive derivative work, rather than negative. Again, after all is said and DONE. But until then the night is still young. And the night is sometimes dark. But the sunrise is coming. I feel it.

Regardless of outcome… I’m not really sure WHY but this guy right here has been stuck with this desire for the last few years. The desire to document his life. I’m not sure. But it feels right. That is… until the negative consequences come. Perhaps there is a way to balance out the equation. Make it a net positive. I think it’s already happening. Via love, forgiveness and gratitude. Amazing. A better creation is possible!

So to satisfy the CURIOUS urge for transparent documentation, I’m considering experimenting with live video streaming (”life” streaming?).

Back to business…

An iPhone would be preferred as it makes it easy to take photos for instant upload, as well as updating twitter and facebook statuses and of course broadcasting live video using

However, if I’m “Qikking” with one phone, I may actually want another phone to do the photos and SMS / Twittering.

So really Casey Serin is asking his community to provide him with TWO (2) of the following phones capable of working with Qik, even if it’s NOT an iPhone.

I would just highly referrer at least one iPhone for the COOL factor.

Casey Serin likes to stay cool.

Oh, I would also like for this lovely community to provide me with an ATT or Verizon account (or both) to go with those phones. The emphasis here is on coverage, speed and network redundancy.

We all want a smooth experience, don’t we?

In exchange for this gift from the community,

I promise too,

Take this entire community… every one of ya’ll… yes including YOU…

on a RIDE of A LIFE TIME!!


If you would rather not, I understand. That’s completely OK. I’m grateful to have happiness apart from you.

It’s just I like to say YES to interesting opportunities that present themselves and tug at my heart. You just never know what’s behind THAT door. The door of going with your authentic good feelings.

So I asked.

The rest is up to you

Need I say more?

Even worse – Steve allowed this post to go through.

Listen Steve… I think you are a cool guy. You are succesful, hardworking, funny and stuff. You don’t need to hate your brother; just don’t let him take over your blog.  Casey has absolutely NOTHING to lose at this point. He has lost every job he had, Galina, all his money, all your parents money, every house he ever owned, and most of his followers. He took stupid risks when he had everything to lose – what makes you think he won’t screw you, as he has screwed everyone else around him for his entire life?


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